KXIP vs KKR Live Score

The feature can be accessed via the camera icon at the bottom of the screen, and users can continually send edited photos back and forth. Once a friend sends you a photo via direct message, you can add a sticker to that photo and use the same in your reply. You can also resize the image and incorporate it into your own visual response - meaning if you're truly dedicated you could create a never-ending chain of remixed responses that drives you totally insane from its incomprehensible unknowability. As part of the version 24 update, an extra layer of creativity has been added to the process as you can remix photos you've received before sending them back. If you'd like your friend to view the image once, then select the "One View" option.

In Snapchat, users can add text and draw on their own images, and also images that publishers post to Snapchat Discover. Given below is how this feature can be used.


The remix feature is just some silly fun that you can have with friends if you have nothing better to do. For everything else, choose "Allow Replay" so your friends have more time to view your messages.

For encouraging users to privately message each other on Instagram, the company announced a new feature called "remixing". However, choosing Allow Replay loops the photos/videos automatically, and, your friends need to tap and hold the photo/video to pause the loop.

Broncos and Raiders brawl in Oakland
Initially, it seemed as if the fight began when Crabtree blocked Talib too long on a play, pushing him far out of bounds. It's worth noting that this wasn't the first time that Crabtree and Talib were involved in a skirmish with each other.

If Clinton had won, we would be at war: Susan Sarandon
Sarandon supported Clinton's 2001 run for Senate, but when she voted to authorize the war in Iraq, she lost the actress. Sarandon believes that President Obama, for whom Clinton served as secretary of state, was not a progressive.

Free trade zone between EAEU and South Korea possible - Russian diplomat
Song Young-moo also said North Korean soldiers' possession of automatic rifles in the area was an armistice violation. As many as four F-35A Lightning stealth fighters are also likely to join the drill, Reuters reported, citing a U.S.