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Madison Fire and Rescue conducted a demonstration with a dry tree cut a month ago and a properly watered tree inside makeshift rooms.

Always turn off decorative lights-indoors and outdoors-when leaving the house and before going to bed. Bring your tree, once it is free of decorations, for a certificate for a seedling that will be available this spring at the Cayuga County Soil and Water Conservation District's annual plant sale.

"Tree growers quit the business because of the economics or their kids who inherited the family farms decided there wasn't enough money in it", said Doug Hundley, spokesman for the National Christmas Tree Association. I spent a lot of sleepless nights this year tracking down farmers with nice trees.

"It went very, very fast", Sedlacek said. If you cut your own tree, be sure to place it in water as soon as you arrive home.

Other popular spots ran out of trees and closed last week.

"With the wet tree, we nearly had difficulty getting it to light off because it was wet, it was taken care of", Sedlacek said. It all starts with that most traditional of Christmas symbols, the tree.

Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson Samuel Johnson

"When you get a tree, make sure you're picking one that's wet when you get it".

Add water to the tree stand, daily.

A study conducted by Forest Products Laboratory in the U.S. concluded that the best way to hydrate Christmas trees was to leave them standing in a container of plain water, and to regularly top it up. "And we've paid a lot of tuition along the way, learning by mistakes basically".

A fully-hydrated tree will not catch alight, even when an open flame is held to the needles - but when the tree's moisture level drops below 85 per cent it can be easily ignited.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming but let's be realistic, we have little to no space for a great Christmas tree but we can improvise and still give our homes and family a festive lift with these cool ideas. Christmas trees take about 10 years to grow for retail. The results were catastrophic for tree-growers in OR and Washington states, although those in MI and North Carolina have felt it, too.

Seasonal flu kills up to 650000 people worldwide every year
He said any time people hear the flu shot isn't a flawless match for circulating viruses, they're reluctant to get vaccinated. The majority of people hit by the flu this season will recover; however, hundreds of thousands of others won't be as lucky.

Meteor shower to fly across Norway's skies
In 2017, the moon won't be visible at the time of the event, which would make the meteor shower even more unbelievable . The Geminids could be the best show of the year because of the darkness.

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