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Last night at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Donald Trump made his way to the field to a loud mix of boos and cheers from the fans prior to the playing of the national anthem.

Trump has castigated players for protesting racial discrimination by kneeling during the anthem.

"Trump doesn't know the national anthem".

Donald Trump during the national anthem at the College Football Playoff National Championship in Atlanta on January 8, 2018. After a while, however, he appeared to lose track of the words, and began singing random words, with no concept of the song's tune.

With his hand placed on his heart, Trump swayed along the tune while mumbling through the anthem, prompting people to question if he even knew the words at all, which is ironic country since he seems to have made the national anthem an important part of his political rhetoric.

Trump left the game at half time, during a performance by Kendrick Lamar, who has been an outspoken critic of the president. "So unprecedented as far as I know", tweeted Vaughn Esham.

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Before travelling to Atlanta from Tennessee on Monday afternoon, Trump tweeted, "We want our flag respected - and we want our NATIONAL ANTHEM respected also".

On the way to the game on Monday, Trump signed a law creating a new national historic park for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

After the supposed fumble, Josh Dawsey, a White House reporter who travels with the president, took to Twitter to give his take.

ZBB wasn't alone in the center of the field as President Trump, accompanied by men and women of the armed forces, stood nearby at attention for the historic moment.

Trump has singled out ex-NFL quarterback Kaepernick for launching the trend a year ago, and called other pro ballers SOBs who should be fired for participating in the silent protests.