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Because of an unexpected delay, a Hawaiian Airlines flight took off in 2018 and landed in 2017.

Reports suggest that a Hawaiian Airlines flight that took-off on January 1, 2018, from Auckland, landed in Honolulu on December 31, 2017.

While it caused confusion for a number of social media users, the post left many people joking about time travel with a number of references to Lost, Back to the Future and Cher's song 'If I could turn back time'. A time travel-like occurrence courtesy a flight from New Zealand to Hawaii will give sci-fi nerds something to talk about for days.

It's not so complicated and apparently very common. Perhaps the flight attendants wanted to have their own toast in one time zone before heading to another.

The brightest full moon of the year is tonight
In addition, the so-called "full supermoon" appeared 30 percent brighter than an average full moon, according to NASA . The moon is expected to reach its fullest point tonight, Monday, January 1, 2018, at 8:24 pm Cullman time.

Will launch party at appropriate time, says Rajinikanth
Rajinikanth during his 6-day long fans reachout meeting also shared about how he derives power to meet his tasks. Rajinikanth had said he was in a dilemma only because he knew the entire dynamics of how the field works.

Facing backlash, Congress MLA Asha Kumari apologises for slapping woman constable
Another legislator and former Cabinet Minister Mukesh Agnihotri was also accompanying Asha Kumari. No one has a right to raise the hand against someone, at least not the Congress culture.

Because Auckland is 23 hours ahead of Honolulu, the plane "time traveled" as it crossed the International Date Line.

The anomaly was noticed by an American journalist which, even though quite common, amazed Twitter.

Celebrations to ring in the new year have rippled across the globe, from New Zealand, Australia and Singapore to the United States.

Passengers of HA446, a flight of Hawaiian Airlines, were amazed to know that plane flies them back into 2017.