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Trump suggested that Abedin has not been properly punished for her email use and has been protected by members of the "Deep State" in the Justice Department. "Also on Comey & others", the tweet continued. One email Abedin forwarded to her personal email account from her State Department account included passwords for a two-step laptop login process, though that email was not marked classified as Trump claimed. Trump also took aim at former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, implying he would like the Justice Department to probe his behavior while in and out of office.

Clinton's emails and email etiquette were a prominent talking point of the 2016 Presidential Election, when Clinton ran against and lost to Donald Trump.

Asked about Trump's tweet, the Justice Department declined to confirm or deny the existence of an ongoing investigation. CAIR noted that in a recent interview, Trump said: "I have absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department".

On Monday, Trump slammed Pakistan for "lies & deceit, " saying it had played USA leaders for "fools" by not doing enough to control militants.

It was not immediately clear what prompted Trump to comment on Pakistan.

How an global flight took off in 2018 and landed in 2017
Because Auckland is 23 hours ahead of Honolulu, the plane "time traveled" as it crossed the International Date Line. Passengers of HA446, a flight of Hawaiian Airlines, were amazed to know that plane flies them back into 2017.

USA citizens killed in Costa Rica plane crash
The ministry also said later that 10 foreigners were passengers aboard the plane, which was flown by two Costa Rican pilots. Enio Cubillo, director of Civil Aviation, said the tourists travelling in the aircraft were staying in a nearby hotel.

North Korea vows to bolster its nuclear capability
Mike Mullen on Sunday warned the U.S.is closer to a nuclear war with North Korea than ever before. The North will only use nuclear weapons if its security is threatened, he added.

Democrats are doing nothing for DACA - just interested in politics.

Congress also has to deal with a backlog from 2017, including agreeing on a spending bill by January 19 to avert a partial government shutdown. The U.S. has long accused Islamabad of allowing militants to operate relatively freely in Pakistan's border regions to carry out operations in neighboring Afghanistan.

Lawmakers also have unfinished business on additional aid to for hurricane victims, lifting the debt ceiling, extending a children's health insurance program and extending protections for immigrants brought to the US illegally as children.

Trump's latest barb targeting the Justice Department came in a tweet suggesting that Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, should face jail time for reportedly including confidential government information in nongovernment personal emails.

President Donald Trump spent much of his first morning back at the White House Tuesday sending out a flurry of tweets that took aim at Democrats, Iran, Huma Abedin and the new publisher of The New York Times. "Also on Comey & others". The article said Abedin forwarded some government passwords to her private Yahoo email account in 2009, when Clinton was secretary of state. Trump's reference to sailors probably referred to the Navy sailor convicted of taking photos of classified areas inside a submarine.