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The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $2.26 in Lauderdale County and Colbert County, according to the survey.

But it's still 19 cents higher than at this time previous year in the Bay State, when prices were averaging $2.29.

In Florida, the most expensive average gas price was $2.57 in the West Palm Beach-Boca Raton area. However, it should be noted that the liquid fuel tax was only increased by a total of 4 cents a gallon.

Prices at the pump remain elevated due to strong oil prices. This is a 15 cent raise for regular gasoline which means gas prices have increased by a total of 17 cents in the last two weeks alone. However, historical data shows that in early January demand typical drops and stays below the 9 million mark for the first few months of the year. Then the reality of low winter demand pushes them lower for the next month or two.

Demand for gas on the other hand, has dropped off significantly according the to Energy Information Administration leading to a larger supply of gas available. "Unfortunately, springtime is a springboard for prices at the pump, and we may see a 40 to 50 cent jump by the summer".

New Yorkers Concerned over Rising Gas Prices

Gas prices are on the rise in Rhode Island and MA after Thursday's storm.

Nationally over the last month, average prices went up 1.7 cents per gallon.

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