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As according to a report in Bloomberg, the company intends to change its product development strategy with renewed focus being on rooting out bugs from the software rather than just pushing new headline features in its iOS upgrades.

Engineers will now be able to push back the release of features they believe need more work.

So even if Google (googl) and Android manufacturers such as Samsung (ssnlf) often beat Apple to the punch when it came to releasing new features, such as multitasking or predictive typing, Apple devotees could at least say that their platform would do it right when it got round to doing it.

With future iOS updates, Apple is reportedly looking at a shift in its strategy. These have often been fixed fairly quickly in minor software updates, but not quickly enough to avoid making a bad impression on many users. Also, in September, Apple is expected to be releasing a brand new iOS model. Features likely to be held back for iOS 13 include tab support for iPad apps, split-screen support for two instances of the same app, new Apple Pencil features, and email thread-specific notification muting.

The rethink sees the company bowing to critics who claim iOS 11 is rife with bugs and design inconsistencies. The most prominent change is perhaps the Universal Apps feature, which will allow a single set of apps to work on iPhones, iPads and Macs.

The report further suggests that Apple might also bring the Animojis to its FaceTime feature as well, this will allow the consumers to use the AR (Augmented Reality) feature while on a video call.

That's changed in recent years.


That is not to say there will not be any new features for iPhone and iPad users to look forward to.

Steven Sinofsky, a former Microsoft executive who's now a board partner at Andreessen Horowitz, highlighted this line of thinking in a series of tweets on Monday.

The New York Post reports individuals within a jailbreak community encouraged a "low-level" Apple employee to leak iBoot's source code in 2016, resulting in the biggest leak in Apple's history.

"What is different is that at scale a bug that happens to 0.01% of people is a lot of people", he tweeted.

Meanwhile, more details have emerged about how a critical bit of Apple source code - the iBoot bootloader that helps launch iOS on mobile devices - appeared last week on the code repository GitHub.

His takeaway? Don't panic. Apple is deciding to head off a process that stopped producing the desired output.

The next iPhone update may not have super-Animoji.

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