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Experts said Best Buy's CDs only generate $40 million annually, a far cry from the former, most powerful music merchandiser, according to Billboard.

Vinyl customers at Best Buy, however, have more time; records will continue to be sold for the next two years, according to Billboard. The company is said to bring in about $40 million annually from CD sales - no small potatoes - but with CD sales down 18.5 percent a year ago, apparently there's bigger fish to fry inside those boxy blue & yellow buildings.

Target is also reevaluating its sale of CDs. Vinyls will be marketed with turntables in stores. The decision to terminate CD sales likely comes as a result of increased consumer interest in digital music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, and declining CD sales in the US. Although CDs remain a relatively popular format worldwide, sales in the USA dropped more than 18% previous year, prompting Best Buy to drop the format entirely.

Black unemployment spiked last month, disputing President Trump's self-serving argument
Trump also tweeted about the record low on January 19 - and he mentioned it Tuesday during his first State of the Union address. Black unemployment has never been equal to or lower than white unemployment in any month since the BLS began tracking it.

USA should not run on anti-peace pathway, says China
Iran's nuclear deal, reached with six world powers, lifted some global sanctions in exchange for curbs to its nuclear programme. Chinese defense ministry spokesperson Ren Guoqiang criticized the US Nuclear Posture Review in a statement released on Sunday.

Syria's alleged use of chemical weapons again under global scrutiny
The group plans to publish information about chemical attacks to name and shame perpetrators and eventually sanction them. The officials also say the Islamic State group keeps using chemical weapons such as sulfur mustard and chlorine.

Target also gave the same demands to DVD suppliers, where it would only pay after the DVDs are sold. "With consignment, the inventory risk shifts back to the labels", says Billboard's sources.

For some listeners, the convenience of streaming services and legal downloads gradually took the place of CDs. We are committed to working closely with our partners to bring the latest movies and music titles, along with exclusive content, to our guests. Apparently those numbers just aren't enough to justify the price of stock and the shelf space needed to keep CDs in stores.