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Turns out United Airlines is not interested in welcoming peacocks on board - period.

The website "Live and Let Fly" says the woman and her peacock were turned away. Not letting one on a flight departing from Newark Liberty International Airport.

Just a few days after United Airlines made headlines by telling a passenger that she couldn't bring her emotional support peacock on a flight out of Newark, the company has issued strict new rules for all emotional support animals - just like Delta Air Lines did recently.

A spokeswoman for United said the peacock didn't meet health and safety guidelines, partly because of its size and weight. "We explained this to the customer on three separate occasions before she arrived at the airport". Ventiko went to Instagram (on her peacock's account) to share Dexter's next move - road trip!

The peacock was identified as Dexter and belongs to an artist from Brooklyn named Ventiko. They complained that this incident makes it harder for people who actually need the animals.

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WHAT?! We're discussing emotional support animals on an upcoming episode!

Photos of the peacock were posted on Facebook by the travel talk show Jet Set. But it's worth noting that in its January 19 policy change announcement, even Delta admitted there had been an uptick in unfortunate incidents as a result of increased numbers of in-flight animals.

Delta initially faced backlash for its decision to tighten restrictions, but it's possible other airlines will follow suit as they try to crack down on passengers who abuse the support animal provision and use it to travel with their pets for free. And while true support animals are trained to behave on flights, unruly ones have caused significant disruptions.

Similarly, traveler Jodie Smalley brought a turkey on a holiday flight in 2015, according to the BBC.

On Jan. 19, Delta announced that it had enough and was revising its emotional support animal policy, citing a 150 percent increase from 2015 in passengers flying with the animals.