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As Fortnite continues to pull ahead of its biggest battle royale rival, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Epic Games is gunning hard to keep it that way, with plenty of new content on a regular basis.

They tweeted: "Season 2 has been extended through February 21!"

A major update is arriving to "Fortnite" later this week and will greatly affect close-quarters combat. And there are quite a few changes coming for Battle Pass owners. Back Blings, Skydiving FX and loading screens, for example, have never been available to unlock before.

The Battle Pass was first introduced at the start of Season 2 but for anyone new to the game, here's an explanation.

Challenges are being reworked and will instead be doled out weekly as opposed to daily.

So far, Epic has remained rather tight-lipped when it comes to revealing the new season 3 skins, emotes and rewards.

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Epic Games announced the dates for the season in a Reddit comment and we're sure it has been announced elsewhere as well. Showcased in concept art last week and seen again in the first official image and gameplay this week.

As of writing, it is unknown when the Desert Eagle will be added into Fortnite for Season 3, or if the proposed character will be exclusive to Battle Pass owners.

Fortnite season 3 will replace season 2's medieval flavour for a space theme, and the Battle Pass will also offer 30 extra tiers of loot. As the company revealed, you'll still be able to complete the battle pass in 75-150 hours with the help of boosts and challenges provided in it, however, you can buy your way into any tier for 150 V-Bucks. The ticket to this is 2,800 V-Bucks or equivalent to $25 per purchase. The main issues that have come with this new update include the lag and audio delay in which some gamers are saying that the game is actually unplayable.

We know already, for instance, that Epic is nerfing the Double Pump shotgun to stop a very specific exploit found by fans.

Pump shotguns have a long reload time to balance out their high damage, but some players have bypassed this by quickly switching between weapons.

"Spring It On" was previously mentioned in a blog post but little else is known about the upcoming event.