KXIP vs KKR Live Score

The company is also testing an 'AMP stories' features in Google search that mimics the Snapchat format to allow publishers to create swipeable slides of images and videos.

Google is bringing its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) feature to email with the developer preview for Gmail. What is AMP? AMP is a Google's project aimed at faster delivery of content.

To start with, Google has partnered with the likes of CNN, Conde Nast, Hearst, Mashable, Meredith, Mic, Vox Media, and The Washington Post to publish the first AMP Stories. In March of past year, Google said there were more than 2 billion AMP pages on some 900,000 domains. Though the AMP Story documentation and tutorial are straightforward (and note, still experimental), given the low AMP adoption to date, it's unclear whether this new format alone, with its additional resources requirements, will create new converts anytime soon. For instance, users would be able to RSVP an event, fill out a questionnaire, or schedule an appointment without having to exit Gmail. Many people rely on email for information about flights, events, news, purchases and beyond-more than 270 billion emails are sent each day!

The new format, called AMP Stories, allows publications to build visual stories with rich graphics and easy-to-consume content that show up in Google Search. Publishers can signup here to test the new format.

West finishes 26th in Olympic luge; teammate wins silver
Ridgefield native Tucker West finished 26th overall in the luge men's singles event at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. The best the USA had ever done in the Olympic event was fourth-place finishes by Tony Benshoof in 2006 and Adam Heidt in 2002.

Kim Jong Un invites South Korean president Moon Jae-in to Pyongyang
After a chaotic year of nuclear war threats and nuclear and missile tests from the North, it was a striking visual moment. They are "the same people as us, they're using the language as us, but I don't think they are the same country", he said.

Metro Detroit Weather: Rounds of snow this weekend
Still, the further southeast you are, the better chance you have of not seeing of the accumulating snow during the daytime hours. Snow totals will not be overly impressive, valleys see another 1-3 inches, while the higher elevations see around 4 plus inches.

AMP is an open specification, so it's available for other email clients to use, as well. This format also attracts young generation through this story format as Google has adopted this style from Snapchat and everyone knows that Snapchat has mostly young users under its umbrella.

"Coldewey asks: "does the idea of "'engaging, interactive, and actionable email experiences' ring a little different now?"

By putting applications into Gmail, Google gains access to even more user data about the viewer that can and will be used for ad-serving purposes. Flexible layout templates, standardized UI controls and components for sharing and adding follow-on content are available on top of the existing AMP platform.

Google has revealed that companies like Pinterest, Booking.com, and Doodle are now working with it to develop new experiences for consumers using AMP for Email.