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In its Fiscal Q3'17 earnings report, Sony confirms that there are 31.5 million paid PlayStation Plus subscribers as of December 31. However, one big feature exclusive to PS4 Pro owners is the "Supersampling Mode". The highlights include Supersampling Mode on PS4 Pro, an updated library UI, improvements to the Quick Menu and notifications, and a new feature called Play Time Management. This allows for improved image quality and clarity, even without a 4K TV. Supersampling is the act of rendering a game at higher resolutions and downsampling the image to a lower resolution.

The game library has received a design overhaul.

While the new tabs are welcomed, the feature I'm personally most excited for is the ability to hide applications under the "Purchased" tab in the library. This will make it even more easier for you to find the games and apps that you have already downloaded. Under the PSN ID, there is a new "PlayStation Plus" option that will segregate your monthly free games from ones you have already purchased.

The firm is also letting gamers hide apps, betas, trials and all that good stuff from the library.

Credit Sony
Credit Sony

Finally, new quick menu upgrades allow users to access custom friends lists right in the console's menu, making it easier to see who is online immediately. The Quick Menu has also been updated with more options when you're listening to music through Spotify. On the Media Player or USB Music Player, the triangle button works as a shortcut for play or pause and the square button can be used to control the volume. There will also be a "PS Plus" tab that sorts out which games have been acquired by simply subscribing to the service, with lapsed players seeing a locked icon until their re-subscription.

Following the 5.50 update, you'll also be able to customize your Tournaments team page with your own team logo or background that you can import from a USB stick. Once the image has been imported from USB, users can zoom, crop and preview them. Simply head to Settings Select Theme Custom Select Image USB Storage Device. This new feature will come under the console's parental controls and will allow Family Manager profiles to set limits on when their children can play and how long they're able to do so. This will also allow you to see who's now online.

Family managers/guardians have the option to add extra game time through their smartphone or PC.

The child will get a notification before the period ends to allow them to save. Play-time management may be changed and monitored from PlayStation's web and mobile apps as well. We certainly hope it's soon, though, as a lot of the changes coming with the PS4 5.50 update seem as if they will change the system for the better.

Russian Federation jets target hospital in Syria de-escalation zone
Russia's defence ministry said: "The pilot had enough time to report that he had ejected in an area controlled by the militants". The pilot was killed soon after in a ground fight after ejecting from his plane, although the details of his death are disputed.

Syrian rebels down Russian jet, kill pilot
UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura, who attended the meeting, said the United Nations would lead efforts to form the commission. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the downing of the Su-25 and said the pilot was killed in fighting with "terrorists".

Russia Harshly Criticizes New US Nuclear Posture Document
The plan calls for modifying existing U.S. warheads on submarine-launched ballistic missiles in a $50 million five-year program. We're going to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in our national security strategy and we want to reduce the number.