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An unforeseen outcome of the exposure to high levels of radiation was a change in the weight of newborn rats when pregnant rats were exposed.

"We know that this clearly has been linked to MVA's [motor vehicle accidents] and accidents and we know that that's a significant source of morbidity", UH Cleveland Medical Center Dr. Andrew Sloan said.

Researchers at the National Toxicology Program found that there was "some evidence of carcinogenic activity" from cellphone radiation in male rats. The rats and mice in the tests were hit with cellphone radiation for nine hours a day, over two-years. Similarly, the researchers observed noncancerous health effects-including lower birth weights, evidence of DNA damage, and heart conditions-among exposed rats, although it was not always clear whether the conditions were caused by radiation exposure.

Data from the largest-ever animal study of cellphone radiation effects, released today by the federal National Toxicology Program, confirms earlier evidence from human studies that cellphone radiation increases the risk of cancer.

The study specifically used 2G and 3G frequencies - not the frequencies used on more advanced 4G or 5G networks. At the time, they noted the overall tumor incidence was low, even though increased in the exposed versus control groups. Ironically, the rats and mice that were blasted with radiation from cellphones lived longer than a group of non-radiated rodents. The studies are drafts that haven't yet been reviewed by outside scientists. And he isn't changing his cellphone use.

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Even a small rise in very rare cancers from cell phone radiation would constitute a serious public health concern due to the fact that billions of people are using cell phones. Interestingly, the babies developed to be normal sized and did not show any other developmental defects.

"At this point we don't feel that we understand enough about the results to place a huge degree of confidence in the findings", John Bucher, a senior scientist with the NTP, told reporters in a briefing discussing the reports held Friday, according to the Washington Post. The Environmental Working Group's Olga Naidenko, a senior science adviser, for instance, in a news release said the study "should raise alarms for policymakers and awareness for all Americans". "The evidence for an association between cell phones and cancer is weak".

Two long-awaited studies of how cellphone radiation affects the health of mice and rats, released yesterday, are giving scientists plenty to think about-but the findings won't resolve the decades-old uncertainty surrounding the issue.

The FDA has yet to finish its review of the NTP data, but a top official said the initial impression is that cell phone radiofrequency radiation does not pose a cancer threat to humans. In 2011, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer declared the kind of radiation emitted by cellphones as a "possible carcinogen" based on human epidemiological studies that found increased gliomas and acoustic neuromas in long-term cellphone users. "Based on this current information, we believe the current safety limits for cellphones are acceptable for protecting the public health".