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According to Pocket-Lint, the HomePod can discolour wooden surfaces "within 20 minutes", although the marks may fade a few days later.

Wirecutter reviewer John Chase said: "This really undermines the design aspect of the HomePod, especially if you were thinking of displaying it on some prized piece of furniture". If a white ring has been formed on your furniture, it is best that you let it be as it is or risk further damage to the wood.

Initial reviews for the Apple HomePod smart speaker have been mixed but a new, unexpected issue with the device emerged this week: It leaves white ring stains on wooden surfaces.

The iPhone maker reiterated that "it's not unusual for any speaker" with a silicone bottom to leave marks behind on wooden surfaces.

The issue appears to be related to the oils and surface polish in the wood reacting negatively with the silicone foot on the bottom of the 2.5kg speaker. Users can utilize their Apple devices to stream from Spotify and play it with the HomePod using AirPlay.

Apple most likely went through these reports and has updated the support page.

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The defect was spotted by Wirecutter, which noticed that a white ring appeared after the HomePod was placed on an "oiled butcher-block countertop" and a wooden side table. Unless Apple is planning on releasing an iDoily to accompany the speaker.

Compared to the likes of Google Home, Amazon Echo and many other smart speakers out there, the HomePod is an expensive buy at $349.

The company is taking flack for not warning customers in advance that the HomePod and wood was a bad mix, so future buyers might want to think about where to place it. The company recommends users to gently wipe the surface with a soft damp or dry cloth and if the mark still persists then try the wood manufacturer's recommended cleaning process.

If you look at any reviews online, you will see that most seem to agree that Apple's HomePod does indeed serve up excellent sound quality.

Despite the pile-on against Apple, the HomePod is not the only smart speaker that can stain one's coffee table.

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