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As we can see in the images, this version of the ship is white and pristine, which would explain Lando's horror at the state it's in when Han brings it to Cloud City in Empire.

Lando Calrissian was more into keeping the Millenium Falcon as a luxurious, party ship, while Han Solo has reasons for letting the cargo vessel lose its clean look - according to Alden Ehrenreich, Han Solo himself.

As for the content of the movie itself, we've since learned that screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan were influenced by stories like Treasure Island and Heat while crafting the origin tale of Han Solo-a film set in the criminal underworld, about a young man who becomes corrupted just enough to turn into the lovable rogue we know from Harrison Ford's iteration of the performance.

We've already seen the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, as it's called, in the first trailer for the film, plus some pixelated shots that leaked out last month.

Apple delays software features due to bugs
The rethink sees the company bowing to critics who claim iOS 11 is rife with bugs and design inconsistencies. That is not to say there will not be any new features for iPhone and iPad users to look forward to.

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Each drone weighs about as much as a volleyball and is fitted with LEDs that can beam any shape with 4 billion color combinations. You might remember a similar spectacle at Lady Gaga's 2017 Super Bowl half-time show, but that only involved about 300 drones.

The initial wave of collectibles and figures for the film hit the internet today ahead of Toy Fair, which includes LEGO's Kessel Run Millennium Falcon set. And we have two words for Lando's action figure: That.

For anyone pondering (or even hoping) the possibility that Howard will also be lending his pipes to a new Star Wars creature, the filmmaker clarified that he's strictly sticking to behind-the-scenes work.

Check out the new Han Solo movie poster below. Solo: A Star Wars Story will pull back the curtain on this period of the smuggler's life, and ever since director Ron Howard posted a "spicy" picture past year during filming, it's been strongly suggested that the upcoming Star Wars movie will show Han flying the Kessel Run, a feat he completed in less than 12 parsecs, as he bragged to Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope.

The Falcon has a captain's quarters, too, as well as hidden compartments which always come in handy when you need to hide.