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This satellite, now named GOES S, is a new and highly technical weather monitoring satellite.

The first satellite, GOES-16 has already sent back unprecedented images of impending hurricanes and thunder-storm outbreaks that have helped the team with more accurate weather forecasting, and subsequent disaster management and planning.

GOES-S, the second satellite in the GOES-R series, is expected to launch today in a two hour window starting at 5:02 pm ET in Cape Canaveral, Florida. In addition, GOES-S will be able to collect additional information on forest fires, volcanic eruptions, dust storms.

The GOES-S satellite is equipped with Earth and Sun monitoring equipment for the needs of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Survey.

The launch of the new satellite will be streamed on the FOX31 and Channel 2 Facebook pages. This will extend the life of GOES-R constellation to 2036 as many more satellites will be launched in coming years. When GOES-S becomes operational, its name will become GOES-17, according to NOAA's naming practices, Wired reported. The advanced weather satellite will give researchers and meteorologists unparalleled views of the U.S. West. NOAA used GOES-East to track hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and more, as well as January's bomb cyclone and other extreme weather events, including wildfires developing in northern Texas.

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In addition to high-resolution images of the West Coast, officials say the new GOES weather satellite will help them track severe weather such as cyclones, fog, and even wildfires, which plague the western USA every year. NOAA, NASA, universities and private sector researchers will use the data and results to craft the next GOES series.

After the satellite is deployed, it will spend about three weeks making its way into geostationary orbit.

After it launches, GOES-S will undergo six months of tests, then be operational late 2018.

As of this story's initial publication, the rocket was slated to release GOES-S around 6:40 pm MT en route to geostationary orbit 22,300 miles above the earth. "The geostationary satellite, the GOES series, is a crucial component of today's global observing system".

Two more satellites are part of this mission and scheduled for launch in 2020 and 2024.