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"And we'll probably be able to do short flights, short up and down flights, probably some time in the first half of next year".

The billionaire, renowned for setting wildly ambitious deadlines, said the threat of nuclear war made it vital to colonise the Red Planet.

He went on: "Although sometimes, my timelines are a little, you know..."

"The biggest thing that would be helpful is just general support and encouragement and good will", said Musk.

More pressing to Mr Musk, and the investors that enable him, might be the backlog of orders for the Model 3, Tesla's "affordable" new auto.

SpaceX's BFR rocket system is considered to be the successor to Falcon Heavy, and it's current design would use a total of 37 Raptor engines (31 on the booster rocket, and 6 on the spacecraft) that could possibly deliver twice the boost of a Saturn V rocket.

Mario Kart Google Maps Easter Egg Guides You For Mario Day
In case you missed the memo, tomorrow (March 10) is Mario Day - a day to celebrate the world's favorite animated plumber . Once confirmed, Mario will appear on the road and follow your location while in navigation mode for the rest of the week.

3 hostages held by armed individual at California veterans home
Thornton said she was anxious about how her dad's coping with the stress, considering his age, PTSD and slight dementia. It is unclear if the shots were live rounds, according to an official from the Veteran's Home.

Nunberg: Trump 'never did anything illegal or wrong around me'
It has often been argued that out of the mouths of babes and drunks comes the truth, as both lack a filter and any moral fear. Tur responded: "I'm not a lawyer, I don't know but given the circumstances you might be held in contempt of court".

The ultimate goal of the mission, of course, is a Mars colony. Musk said past year that human landings on Mars could happen by 2024.

"AI scares the hell out of me", he said, telling Nolan that while he's not typically a fan of regulation, he feels AI is more risky than nuclear weapons and it's not like we let just anyone build nukes.

"Maybe it requires 60% [majority vote] to get a law in place, but any number over 40% can remove a law", Musk said.

Mars will need pizza joints, and one day people will drink at a Mars Bar, he said - congratulating himself on the Dad joke.

On a lighter note, Mr Musk said he was excited about the potential for launching new industries from a complete fresh starting point. He also speculated that "most likely, the form of government on Mars would be somewhat of a direct democracy", in which residents would vote directly on particular issues. In the long-term, the billionaire space entrepreneur whose plans include making human life multi-planetary, intends to make Starlink a communication bridge between Earth and colonized Mars. "Mark my words", Musk told the crowd, "AI is far more unsafe than nukes". "It kind of reads like (Ernest) Shackleton's ad for Antarctic explorers: hard, dangerous, good chance you'll die". They certainly don't think it's possible, but if we do they'll up their game'.

Artist's rendering of USA astronaut planting a flag on Mars.