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The Galaxy S9 feature was particularly helpful coming from the iPhone X, which I usually have to pick up to unlock since it doesn't have a fingerprint sensor. As of now, the Galaxy S8 has received more than RM600 off its original price since its launch 10 months ago, therefore if you aren't in a rush for a new smartphone, you might want to wait for just that.

Johnston poured water on the idea that retail orders for Samsung's Galaxy S9 will be 10 to 15 per cent higher than past year - he estimated them falling some 50 per cent on 2017's Galaxy S8.

The Note 8 had a decent camera upgrade so the Note 9 is likely to have a more minor camera bump, probably matching the dual-sensor 12MP+12MP rear-facing camera of the S9 Plus, together with the repositioned fingerprint scanner.

The 3.5mm headphone jack still being around on the Galaxy S9 really surprised me, but in a good way.

Donald Trump announces steep tariffs on steel and aluminium imports
Freeland said there was "good, solid progress" made in the recent round and that "a win-win-win deal" is within reach. But they stop short of his earlier intention to impose sweeping tariffs that would hit US allies and rivals alike.

3 hostages held by armed individual at California veterans home
Thornton said she was anxious about how her dad's coping with the stress, considering his age, PTSD and slight dementia. It is unclear if the shots were live rounds, according to an official from the Veteran's Home.

Luigi's Mansion 3DS remake is announced, launching this year
Luigi's Mansion first launched in 2001 alongside the GameCube and was one of the first games to star Mario's brother Luigi. Luigi's map will be visible on the bottom screen of the 3DS and has been completely reworked from the ground up.

Apple and Samsung are the two major players in the market. Vivo is a much smaller company than Samsung with less R&D resources at its disposal; and Samsung's next Note device isn't expected to launch until the second half of this year, offering the company a lot of time to get this technology right. When it comes to shooting in the dark, however, Samsung is the victor.

Near-borderless displays are becoming very common these days. It must be noticed that these dates are evidently determined for Turkey and some other European nations, yet we can trust that worldwide rollout dates won't be any extraordinary. This gives the devices a more elegant look and makes the illusion that there's no frame around the screen feel more convincing. Note 9 will copy this feature.

The simplicity of iOS is one of the main reasons why I was so attracted to it, but Android phones are generally better at helping you with several tasks at once. At this point of time, the Galaxy S9's prelaunch deal just isn't as exciting, as you merely get a RM199 voucher for purchasing the S9 and S9+'s official accessories, a 10000mAh powerbank and an extra USB cable that's worth RM489 in total value.