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Updating a story CBN News continues to follow, the press secretary of Vice President Mike Pence has confirmed that Joy Behar of ABC News' "The View" personally apologized to Pence for comments she made against his Christian faith.

"The View" showed a segment of Newman telling her fellow competitors that Pence, an evangelical Christian, was scary and "extreme" and that "he thinks Jesus tells him to say things".

Behar responded, "It's one thing to talk to Jesus".

When former White House staffer and reality show star Omarosa Manigault spoke of Pence on her new show "Big Brother", she alleged that the vice president heard the voice of Jesus.

The right-wing Media Research Center launched an effort to hold "The View" accountable for promoting "anti-Christian bigotry", according to an open letter to ABC News from the group's president, Brent Bozell.

It took nearly a month, but USA Today reported on March 13 that Behar used the previous day's episode of The View to apologize for her comments "conflating some Christians' belief that Jesus talks to them with mental illness".

Although Pence did give Behar credit for her honest apology, he asked that she take it a step further. "She picked up the phone; she called me; she was very honest, and she apologized".

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"It's one thing to talk to Jesus, It's another thing when Jesus talks to you", Behar quipped at the time.

While Pence did graciously accepted that apology, he added that he encouraged her "to apologize to tens of millions of Americans who were equally offended", speaking on their behalf.

Behar called Pence to offer him a personal apology, the vice president told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday night. "I was raised to respect everyone's religious faith, and I fell short of that". Not a typical Washington or celebrity apology, which starts something like "If anyone was offended by what I said".

The controversial remarks were made on "The View" by Behar on February 13. She made a call to him and apologised, which I thought was absolutely appropriate.

Pence added that he knows "criticism comes with public life", but called Behar out because he "felt it was important that I defend the faith of tens of millions of Americans against that kind of slander".

The show also tweeted her public apology. "I would like to apologize to him and his family in particular. We're better than that", Pence later said in response.