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According to the subpoena, which was sent to Nunberg by special counsel Robert Mueller, investigators want emails, text messages, work papers, telephone logs and other documents going back to November 1, 2015, 4½ months after Trump launched his campaign. "Let him arrest me", Nunberg declared to The Washington Post on Monday. "Look, I'll tell it to you this way: Everything I have to go through now - I'm smart enough not to involve alcohol".

Tur responded: "I'm not a lawyer, I don't know but given the circumstances you might be held in contempt of court".

Asked to comment on assertions that new evidence appears to contradict Prince's description of the Seychelles meeting, a spokesman for Prince referred to his previous statements to the committee and declined further comment. He was hired by Mr. Trump in 2011 for the objective of burnishing Mr. Trump's image as a political conservative.

The person was not authorized to discuss private conversations publicly. "It is the biggest joke to ever think that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians", said Nunberg, who also spoke to the Washington Post and CNN.

Axios co-founders Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei blasted mainstream media outlets Tuesday for obsessing over former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg and his disastrous Monday media tour, noting that such an obsession is "one of the reasons America hates the media".

"You're sitting very close to me, we talked earlier about what people in the White House were saying about you". Each interview seemed intent upon out-shocking the last. Mueller's prosecutors and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents.

Nader has reportedly provided information to the grand jury.

This is the same interview from which he claimed he learned that Mueller & Co. have "something bad" on Mr. Trump.

"I'm not going to cooperate", Nunberg told MSNBC.

At the same time, though, Trump has said he believes numerous attacks against Kushner are unfair and has lamented that the couple is going through such a turbulent time, according to the two people. Immunity? That is the highest and best gift a prosecutor can give a witness or target.

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If Mr. Mueller did offer Mr. Nunberg immunity, it can only mean that Mr.

Hannity said Nunberg "appears to be having a national meltdown" ever since he announced his refusal of Mueller's legally-binding invitation.

Now, Mr. Nunberg's bad day actually started over the weekend. Nunberg also listened to a legal analysis of the consequences from attorney Maya Wiley.

Melber said Nunberg was "befuddling".

It's unclear whether the special counsel will also probe the Daniels affair.

There are actually three sets of legal crosshairs, so to speak.

The special counsel's questions about the Emiratis point to an investigation that has expanded beyond Russian meddling in the 2016 election to broader concerns about foreign influence during the presidential campaign and long after it concluded.

It has often been argued that out of the mouths of babes and drunks comes the truth, as both lack a filter and any moral fear. Did he impeach himself?

If you had not heard of Sam Nunberg before Monday, you are not alone.