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The four-electric motors (one for each wheel) in the Rimac C_Two electric hypercar is powered by a 120 kWh Lithium-Manganese-Nickel battery. The battery is capable of giving a range of 650 kilometres. The rear wheels are offered with a two speed gearbox, while the front gets a single speed gearbox.

One of the biggest highlights of the world's most important motor show in Geneva was the announcement of Mate Rimac's new supercar, the "Concept Two", which is completely different from its predecessor, the Concept One. The wheels are also aerodynamically created to reduce drag and downforce along with faster cooling brakes.

We have learned thus far that the Croatian electric vehicle produces 1914 horsepower and 2300 Nm of torque.

If you want to read all about this incredible vehicle, go here. The Tesla Roadster can hit 100km/h in 1.9 seconds.

2018 Geneva Motor Show Rimac C_2

Croatian carmaker Rimac packs a punch with the Concept Two and its off-the-scale performances.

The C_Two is also equipped with an advanced torque-vectoring unit. Furthermore, Rimac also claim the auto has "level 4 autonomous technologies", which in layman's terms means it can drive itself. The assists work by learning the twists and turns of the track, using Global Positioning System. Those are all made possibility by eight cameras, lidar, six radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors and Global Positioning System.

The electric supercar can also perform well on the track with a set of assists. Rimac is only expected to produce 100 of these supercharged cars, estimated to sell for just over a million euros each. Expect six figures. For that, you get a complete carbonfibre chassis, and the computing power of 22 Macbook Pros, which means it's more than ready for autonomous driving, accompanied by 72 ECUs and copious cameras and sensors.

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