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Valve held a presentation for its upcoming DOTA 2 card game spin-off Artifact yesterday, but the biggest news to come out of the conference was that Valve is getting back into the business of shipping games. The game became memetic immediately mainly for the crowd-spanning groan of disappointment that came after the reveal, but we have Valve making games again.

Gamers might be familiar with the reveal of Valve's upcoming Defense of the Ancients card game "Artifact", which was unveiled at the DOTA 2 "The International" tournament previous year. So hopefully this means that Valve has plans beyond these games, and that they will start to once again treat us to such titles like Left 4 Dead and Portal.

However, such sequel theories, especially that of Half-Life, have always been speculated without any developments or announcement to support it.

As for why Valve moved away from games, Newell frankly said he was concerned about PCs becoming more of a closed system.

Newell says that the studio now has three big VR titles, though we don't know anything about them now. So that's sort of good news. "He can introduce new capabilities like motion input because he controls both of those things".

Valve “jealous of Nintendo” as it prepares to “start shipping games again” – Newell

Going by Newell's statement, it seems that Valve is really focused on bringing something new to PC gaming instead of simply hashing out the same experiences everyone's been having before. "Now there's pretty much no project in the hardware space that we wouldn't be comfortable taking on".

"You can see that Microsoft was like, wow, how can we make Windows more like [Apple]?"

Valve or Newell did not say anything about Half-Life 3 at any point during the presentation. It's nice that Valve will now be making more games, but it's hard to get too excited while there's still nothing to be seen.

Valve isn't done with hardware though, but now it'll go "hand-in-hand with software design", meaning you should really keep an eye on what Valve is up to in the coming months. "We thought that the strength of the PC is about its openness, so we started to make some investments to offset that", he said in reference to projects like SteamVR and the Vive headset.

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