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The US President only had words of approval concerning Chinese President Xi Jinping's tenure "for life". "President for life. And he's great", Trump told Republican backers gathered Saturday at the president's Mar-a-Lago estate, CNN said, citing a recording of his remarks.

The constitutional amendment, which is nearly certain to be approved by China's rubber-stamp parliament in its annual session starting Monday, would effectively pave the way for Xi to stay in power indefinitely. The Communist Party announced the planned amendment February 25, in a surprising break with succession practices set up after Mao Zedong's fraught tenure. And he's great. -And look, he was able to do that.

"I think it's great", Trump added. "Maybe we'll have to give that a shot someday", while the audience applauded and cheered.

China's response to Donald Trump's 25 per cent tarriff on imported steel has been muted, so far.

When requested for a comment, the White House declined to make a statement, and it is still unknown whether Mr. Trump made his remarks as a joke.

The measure doing away with presidential term limits is slated for adoption March 11, marking the first change to the constitution in 14 years. The rubber-stamp congress will revise the national constitution to allow Xi to stay on past the 2023 end of his term, endorse new appointments and approve government reform centering on the creation of an anti-corruption watchdog.

"It's something that he supports here in the United States".

US Secretary of State to visit Nigeria, Kenya, three others
About $184 million is for affected populations from South Sudan and more than $110 million for affected populations from Ethiopia. China is aggressively working to expand its regional influence, which is something of concern to USA lawmakers.

France to set legal age of sexual consent as 15
When it goes into effect the law will set the age to which an individual can not agree to any form of sexual intercourse at 15. The court subsequently did issue a charge of rape last month, with the trial pending as they ask it to move to a higher court.

DACA was supposed to end Monday. It didn't, but DREAMERs remain anxious
But now the March 5th deadline has come and still nothing. "Where are they? We are ready to make a deal!" he exclaimed. Senate debate on the issue has produced several bipartisan measures, but none passed a vote.

"The projected growth rate reflects China's position of not over-emphasizing speed but stressing improvements in the quality and effect of development, according to another report from the country's top economic planner".

Trump's announcement came as Chinese President Xi Jinping's top economic aide, Liu He, met U.S. officials at the White House to discuss the fraught economic relationship. Still, the Trump administration has branded China a "revisionist" power and describes the country's efforts to alter global norms as a threat to USA security.

"During consultations and surveys at the grass-roots level, many regions, departments and members of the party and the public have unanimously called for the rules on presidential term limits in the constitution to be revised", said Wang Chen, secretary general of the NPC, without saying which regions or departments.

In a speech at the opening of a largely ceremonial political advisory conference, Yu said the advisory body has "meticulously" worked to enhance patriotism among young people in Hong Kong and Macau as well as those farther overseas with invitations to visit China and outbound delegations.

The plan to repeal term limits has prompted unusually open expressions of dissent in China.

This public warning from former newspaper editor Li Datong sums up numerous Chinese people's concerns.