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Rampage review by Paul Heath.

I doubt folks would take offense, though, to anything that happens in Rampage, based on a vintage video game, and with vintage special effects that recall (perhaps intentionally) the old Toho studios matinee monster movies.

But Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, 45, has his goals set on something even bigger as he revealed that he may run for United States president in 2024, speaking out on his ambitions at the star-studded United Kingdom premiere of Rampage in London on Wednesday evening. (There is a giant alligator, though.) It's aggressively dumb, and I'd feel safe in the assumption that everyone was in on the joke if it weren't for the absence of any good ones. While the film may seem like your typical "guys blowing things up and destroying lots of buildings" kind of fare, it really has more to it and is a great date night movie.

Of course, it's all utter rubbish - corny, loud, preposterous, unrelenting popcorn fodder - but that is its absolute beauty.

He said the name Davis Okoye is in honor of the famous National Football League player Christian the "Nigerian Nightmare". The central theme, if you could call it that, revolves around Johnson's Davis Okoye, a ex-military primatologist who loves animals and thinks humans are largely pointless, and his best friend, the (soon to be giant) gorilla George. Why was this experiment in space???? The potent chemical mutates animals that come into contact with in to enormous sizes, while making them even more ferocious than they are normally. The vile growth compound infects a wolf in Montana and a crocodile in the Florida Everglades at the same time.

Champions League semi-final draw
Los Blancos supporters will be hoping their skipper can somehow escape punishment and feature in both semi-final clashes. Ramos had been suspended for the second leg after picking up one yellow card too many in the first leg.

Nicki Minaj Courtside at Lakers For Andre Ingram's Insane Debut
The 32-year-old has also scored the fifth-most points in league history (3,901) and won the 3-Point Contest in 2010 and 2016. Ingram and his Lakers will wrap up the season this evening against the Clippers before officially beginning the offseason.

Gov. Rick Scott aims to unseat Florida's Democratic senator
Scott won his two gubernatorial campaigns in expensive, highly negative races where he edged out Democratic opponents. The Independent Party of Florida ran a candidate that year, Peter Allen, who picked up another 2.3 percent.

"You can't help but be charmed and moved by it. Dwayne brings such commitment to the set that it changes the energy there". It's undoubtedly the biggest lead role for Harris in terms of the scale of this movie, and she more than matches the huge presence of her co-star.

It is Jeffrey Dean Morgan that steals the entire film as a gun-wielding Texan, though, as his Southern drawl makes everything he says sound witty, wise and cool. Akerman is deliciously evil as the villain here and plays her part well. Despite its insistent name-checking of CRISPR gene-editing to ... root the flying wolf in scientific reality, I guess ... this is in fact way more SyFy than Sci-Fi, one shark short of a Sharknado. But The Rock has female fans too. The scenes involving Joe Manganiello's bad-ass mercenary Burke is directly devolved from the Predator template, and those early sequences involving the introduction of the very big wolf "Ralph", are amongst the most graphic, and in a unusual way some of best-staged and most enjoyable.

Last night, Cineworld in London's Leicester Square played host to the European Premiere of RAMPAGE, attended by Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Alongside Brad Peyton (Director) and Beau Flynn (Producer)! George is one of the best-looking CGI monsters to date, and as Beatrice and Umberto note, the character's relationship with Johnson's Davis Okoye gives the film unexpected depth. The distinction, of course, is that unlike San Andreas' killer natural disaster, these aggressors are intentionally targeting human civilization.

Rampage review by Paul Heath, April 2018.

Rampage is out in cinemas now.