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Knowing how to do something and watching someone else botch it is frustrating.

- He really does want to spend more time with his children, fearing his kids will remember him only as a "weekend" dad if he doesn't get out now. "Wisconsin voters know he's spent his time as Governor chasing national celebrity at the cost of Wisconsin's middle class families, and no level of blaring alarm bells can change that". Sports fans suffer from this constantly.

"Paul Ryan will go down in history as an inept and cowardly leader who would rather quit than do the right thing". I no longer think that. "Some friends indicate that Ryan may be suffering from a bout of 'Trump-haustion, ' but others believe there is serious contemplation of leaving Congress in 2018". (It's not yet clear whether Republicans will sort out the successorship issue before the election; it seems to me that they should). A good soldier in a bad cause, Ryan kept the ranks.

So why is the Ryan retiring? He made them his legacy. He announced Thursday he will not seek re-election. Former Speaker John Boehner, his immediate predecessor, recently joined the advisory board for US cannabis producer Acreage Holdings and is already serving on the board of Arizona Mining Inc. and the advisory board to JBS USA, the American arm of a Brazilian food giant. Boehner would be the smartest man in Washington if he were still in it. "But maybe this year that's not good enough", Wisconsin-based Democratic pollster Paul Maslin said.

"I'm grateful to the president", Ryan, R-Wis., said four times in two minutes, with slight grammatical variations, in a news conference Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol, noting that Donald Trump's 2016 victory gave Republicans the power to cut taxes and increase military spending. So there has to be something more. Shrewdly, McCarthy has leaned all the way into this alliance, sort through bags of Starbursts to deliver to the president only the flavors he likes, not unlike a tired parent doing the little things to keep their toddler's screaming to a minimum.

While many candidates will likely emerge in the coming months, the biggest name now eyeing Ryan's seat is Paul Nehlen-a fringe political contender previously supported by Breitbart who openly endorses white supremacy.

No threat to PDP-BJP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir: Ram Madhav
Their resignation came less than 20 minutes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that no criminal would be spared. As CBI started it's investigation in the high profile rape case, During the interogation Sengar made a big claims.

Pentagon: US-led strikes on Syria hit every target
Syrian forces fired 40 surface-to-air missiles during the operation, mostly after the attack was over, he said. That's according to a source familiar with the president's plans, who was not authorized to speak publicly.

'He's back!': Tyson Fury's comeback fight set for June 9th in Manchester
The Brit, who has not boxed since shocking Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, had been battling drug abuse as well as personal issues. Fury ballooned as high as 378 pounds during his two-year layoff and is hoping to get down as low as 259 pounds for his return.

"The speaker and the chief of staff both talked like they had left office", said one donor who attended the event, speaking anonymously because the proceedings were private. This is simply not rationally deniable any more.

Some may argue that congressional leaders' initial support for a repeal-first approach-also called "repeal-and-delay", for it would have postponed the repeal's effective date to allow for enacting a replacement-justified the lack of action on a "repeal-and-replace" measure. Even if that were true, the attacks still succeed. The smoke is still billowing. But he did not have what it took to use his youth or intellectual capital to make himself or his office the much-needed conservative bulwark against Trumpism.

Here are two prospects. Republicans simply felt content to operate within the Democrat paradigm and offer no alternative vision for the country other than what Democrats were promoting. I believe the second. Voters in Wisconsin want change - and that's why both Ryan and Walker faced hard paths to re-election. To be a leader, minority or majority leader, you need about 110. The Senate GOP majority never mattered in the first place.

The GOP survived the Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina and the Great Recession.

McCarthy said "the only thing I'm focused on is doing whatever we can to keep the majority". They await the self-destruction of the man in front. But his policies suggested that he never abandoned his core faith: If the wealthy did best when given positive incentives in the form of more money, the less fortunate needed to be prodded by less generous social policies into taking responsibility for their own fate. "From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Paul for everything he has done for Wisconsin and the Republican Party".

The president could survive anything in the closed world of a GOP primary. For instance, he has still not learned that firing high-ranking people in the Justice Department only grants them the freedom to speak openly.