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Overwatch's cooperative event Uprising is returning this April, bringing new cosmetics and the return of the cooperative mode. It primarily showcases the returning Brawl mode and skins from a year ago; the bulk of the brief video is essentially promising that players will have another shot at all of that.

The first season of the Overwatch Open Division saw thousands of teams around the world take part, and numerous current crop of Contenders teams in various regions did in fact begin their journey here. With less than 2 weeks left until the start of the event, Overwatch players won't have to wait long to find out exactly what Blizzard has in plan. That is to say, the lore event that Blizzard plans to reveal for Overwatch's upcoming April 10 event is as yet unknown. It also gives those that missed out on the previous event a chance to earn those skins that they have previously missed out on.

However, upon closer look, the teaser video actually contains some secret clues.

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The Uprising event tells of a pivotal event in the game's backstory, when London, more specifically King's Row, was attacked by the Omnic terrorist organization Null Sector.

During the glitches, the name of the file is being replaced by File 00274 - Blackwatch Archives, the date is changed from seven years ago to eight years ago, and the security clearance goes from confidential to classified. That's purely speculation at this point, but it seems clear that Blizzard means to indicate that there will be something new for Uprising in 2018. Blizzard will also have photo opportunities for non-cosplayers, with a collection of Overwatch's most iconic and beloved weaponry available for people to pose with.