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"We already strongly suspect that urban populations like Brooklyn have been chronically undercounted, and President Trump's call for a citizenship question in the 2020 US Census will further undercut the accuracy of this critical count by discouraging the participation of immigrant Americans".

The real reason for the citizenship question, critics say, is to whittle down the population count in predominantly urban Democratic regions, often home to large immigrant populations.

Requires an accurate census count of "persons" not citizens.

But nobody knows how a question about citizenship status will affect responsiveness to the survey, not even Ross or his colleagues at the Commerce Department. Anything that undermines this mission - to count every breathing person - violates the intent of the Founding Fathers. But we can not leave it at that: those who will be most affected by the decision-including residents of states like North Carolina - must demand a comprehensive, accurate, and fully funded Census from President Trump and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

"What's more frightening about this Census count, more than in the past, is the rhetoric from the Trump administration", Baker said after the press conference. As we understand it, Acting Assistant Attorney General John Gore - who has a record of defending Republican electoral redistricting plans in federal court - was personally involved in making the request.

There is no part of the citizenship question that asks about legal status, so it does not threaten illegal immigrants who are living in the U.S.

From 1970 to 2000, the question was included only in the long-form section of the census survey, sent to a portion of US households. The Commerce Department's decision to add a question on a resident's citizenship status is a disappointing step down that road.

Thus, there is no way to utilize any additional collected data for enforcement of the National Voting Rights Act (NVRA), as Trump Administration officials have claimed, nor is that data necessary to do so.

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For the 2020 census, couples living together will be asked to define their relationship to their partners in a new way - "same-sex" or "opposite-sex"?

She added that the bureau spent years testing a question about race, so it was remarkable that the bureau would add a question about citizenship without the same level of thorough vetting.

The last census in 2010 put the USA population at almost 309 million.

"I've already had conversations with people who are already planning not to respond to the 2020 census because they are protesting this question".

IL is among a dozen states planning to sue the administration to get the question removed from the census.

The Department of Commerce stated that "between 1820 and 1950 nearly every decennial census asked about citizenship in some form", something the Associated Press has shown is not "exactly right". "With a growing Latino population in the county, this is a direct assault on those folks participating in the Census".

Sanders said that in 2010 the citizenship question was removed.

This will mean less minority representation in government and fewer federal resources parceled out to those states and communities with Hispanic, black, and Middle Eastern populations - exactly what Trump is seeking. Marion said concern about that widespread: "Many people from chambers of commerce to social scientists to civil rights leaders have said that asking a citizenship question will likely lead to many people not participating whether they're citizens or not".