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The asteroid, designated 2018 GE3, made its closest approach to Earth at around 2.41 a.m. EDT on Sunday, according to a Space.com report.

"Astronomers find Near-Earth Asteroids every day and most are harmless".

2018 GE3, about 4 times larger than the meteorite that fell in Russian Federation in 2013, passed between the Earth and the Moon. According to NASA, hours later, at about 5:59 a.m. EDT on April 15, the space rock passed even closer to the moon than it had to Earth.

"If the asteroid had entered our atmosphere, a great portion of the space rock would have disintegrated due to friction with the air".

Space.com notes that NASA estimates 2018 GE3 to be almost four times the size of the one that destroyed 500,000 acres of a forest in Siberia back in 1908.

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It's being called a "surprise" because it was only discovered this past Saturday. Nevertheless, a few of an asteroid this size may have gotten across Earth's surface area, and an asteroid this huge can triggering some local damage, depending upon different elements such as structure, speed, entry angle, and area of effect. Astronomers across the globe are rigorously applying efforts at detecting and tracking near-Earth objects (NEOs).

It's a general rule to trust governments and space agencies to be able to do things like detect oncoming asteroids that might impact the earth at some point. It has since been labeled 2018 GE3 and it passed by the planet at close range mere hours after detection.

The experts noticed that the similar event the next time will happen only after 29 years.

The Chelyabinsk asteroid was undetected before it entered the atmosphere. Traveling with a speed of around 106,000 kilometers per hour, this "Tunguska"- size asteroid was as far away from Earth as half the average distance between our planet and the Moon.

An initial analysis of the orbit of 2018 GE reveals this is the closest this specific area rock has actually concerned Earth a minimum of because 1930.