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Her prose encapsulates the humanity of the victims and investigators in stark contrast to the Golden State Killer's sadism, which brings the terror of the attacks home in a visceral way.

Authorities in Sacramento, Calif., announced Wednesday that they had arrested 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo in the so-called Golden State Killer case.

The suspect was also "involved in the rape and murder of several individuals, including couples, in Southern California", who were tied up in the same manner as the Sacramento-area victims and whose homes were plundered in a similar way, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He worked as an officer in Exeter from 1973 until 1976, when he joined the Auburn Police Department outside Sacramento.

Police officers, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and crime scene technicians were spending a second day in DeAngelo's Citrus Heights home in suburban Sacramento.

Investigators said DeAngelo appeared to stop killing and raping after 1986 and settled down to steady employment and a middle-class life.

"It was her dream", Patton said, according to the Daily Beast. "She just wanted to hunker down and do the detective work". "I mean, it's wonderful", Oswalt told Meyers.

"Nothing was odd. Everything was normal".

She says DeAngelo "was just nice".

Even if, as one member of law enforcement said, there's no direct connection between what's in the book and the arrest, how can you quantify how much public awareness of the case grew because of McNamara's work?

"Scares me to death", Candace Creech said.

"I'll Be Gone in the Dark" is being credited by authorities and many on social media with reviving interest in the case. "I said, 'I don't care.' As soon as [I'd] start answering he'd say 'shut up, shut up, shut up'".

Also Thursday, investigators searched DeAngelo's home, looking for class rings, earrings, dishes and other items that were taken from crime scenes. The alleged crimes spanned 10 counties.

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Investigators have linked DeAngelo to 11 murders that occurred after he was sacked from the police department.

DeAngelo had both. He served six years as a police officer after serving for almost two years in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

"He's been called the East [Area] Rapist".

Sales of locks surged. "We found the needle in a haystack and it was right here in Sacramento". "The memories are very vivid". FOX40 spoke to her from her Texas home through Facebook.

More details are expected to be revealed in the days and weeks to come.

McNamara seemingly foreshadowed the arrest in a chilling piece of writing, "letter to an old man" at the end of her book, which was released in February. She frequently double-checked that she'd locked the doors and every window before she went to sleep at night.

In the 20 years they lived as neighbors, Sanchietti said he could recount speaking just a few words with DeAngelo on two occasions, once when they pushed a stalled auto out of the middle of the street.

But he was stunned to find out the man arrested was DeAngelo, his former brother-in-law.

"It was astounding to me".

"To see this book come out and have people see the attractive writer that she was, was just incredible", Skrine said. "I had flashbacks - nightmares - last night thinking back to that moment".

She helped create a task force in 2016, pegged to the 40th anniversary of the first-known assault in Sacramento County.

It would then have been a case of matching a sample of that suspect's DNA, which officers said they collected from DeAngelo's trash, to the samples they already had from the killer. He built remote-controlled model airplanes and took meticulous care of his house and manicured lawn, neighbors said.