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Alphabet's Project Wing will deliver packages in Virginia.

Furthermore, the state of North Carolina confirmed that Apple was included in its successful bid to launch a drone pilot testing program.

A who's who of technology and aviation companies won USA approval to push the edge of the envelope in drone flights, from testing people's tolerance for delivery devices hovering over their rooftops to ensuring farmers' drones won't hit crop dusters.

"This is such an exciting day for aviation, for safety, for innovation", U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said.

President Donald Trump announced the initiative to safely test and advance operations for drones last fall.

Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, who is up for re-election in November, said in a press release the city of Reno was named one of the winners. Drones carrying defibrillators to heart attack victims have the potential to save many lives, Flirtey founder and CEO Matthew Sweeny said. Deliveries in the Memphis proposal involve only aircraft parts at the airport and the 4,500-acre Shelby Farms Park in Memphis. Among them will be to inspect hard-to-reach infrastructure and to inspect runways to ensure they are clear of debris. Intel and two GE subsidiaries are partners for the Memphis project. They will also deliver parts and provide emergency response. The data can be used to help develop future regulations allowing widespread and routine deliveries. Another partner is General Electric Co, he said. Apple will apparently be a partner in North Carolina's program and thinking of using drones to seize aerial images to improve Apple Maps services.

AirMap, an airspace management company for drones, said it was on six winning applications.

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"I know it can't be before 2015, because that's the earliest we could get the rules from the FAA", Bezos said at the time.

Amazon Prime Air, a leader in drone delivery development, wasn't listed as a partner on any of the winning programs.

Louisville's application to the Federal Aviation Administration to allow the city to fly automated police drones to gunshot sites was not among the agency's 10 pilot project awardees announced this week.

The start by the US government past year which will allow for a larger scale of testing.

The FAA in a tweet congratulated "10 state, local and tribal governments who will conduct flight tests as part of the #DronePilot program to advance safe #drone integration in our nation's airspace".

The 10 winners will work with the FAA to update their operational concepts through Memorandums of Agreement, which will establish each parties' responsibilities and operations, and any data-sharing requirements.

The drones will be able to fly over people's heads, at night, and outside the view of the drone's operator. After all, piloting unmanned drones isn't necessarily the easiest thing to set up even if the regulatory red tape is cut; flying a drone straight and true isn't the easiest thing to do and that's not counting the risk of ploughing into rogue pigeons or avoiding being shot at by gun-totin' rednecks.