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"For many, many years we have been a member of the USA human rights declaration, which speaks very clearly against slavery, racism, child labor. That sound like a choice", Kanye said. "You were there for 400 years and it was all of y'all?"

'So, prison is something that unites us as one race. "Do you but remember the life that I live is as a real person".

Van from our newsroom took great offense and fired back. "I think that kind of intimidation is ruining this country on both sides".

"What's happening in this society, the left and the right will bully you, they will try to silence you, they will try to bludgeon you and try to kill you if you don't have the same point of view that they have", Levin said.

Lathan continued: "But there is fact, and real-world, real-life effect behind everything that you just said".

In an interview with TMZ West said the enslavement of African people was a "choice".

The hashtag "IfSlaveryWasAChoice" trended on social media and many celebrities, including fellow musicians, slammed Mr West for the comments. "Frankly, I am disgusted and I'm over it. I'm always gonna represent that, but I also represent the world". He caused a scandal once again this week with his astonishing remark that "slavery was a choice", with stars including Eve and Ava DuVernay coming forward to slam him for the comment.

Gas prices jump up to almost $3 per gallon
The same amount of diesel would cost an extra $6.90 after the price increased 46 cents from previous year . San Diego County's average gas price has risen 52.8 cents since the start of the year.

Eurozone Manufacturing Growth Slows Again at Start of Q2
Meanwhile, sharper input inflation continues to raise prices of output, extending the current period of inflation to 18 months. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) reported that its key manufacturing index fell to 57.3 in April from 59.3 in March.

Klay Thompson's dad Mychal not counting Cavs' LeBron James out of playoffs
This is more of a public service announcement than it is an article: a public service announcement for the court of LeBron James . This will be the first time in Lebron James' career that he has faced an elimination game in the opening round of the playoffs.

Trump's lack of interest in reading has led The Atlantic to label him as "the president who doesn't read".

Kanye West [VIDEO]is not new to controversy and scandal. "To make myself clear, of course I know that slaves did not get shackled and put on a boat by free will".

"They cut our tongues so we couldn't communicate to each other", he added.

After a steady stream of freaky tweets lead many to question his mental health, West popped into TMZ's Los Angeles offices on Tuesday for an impromptu appearance on their TMZ Live television show.

Kanye West's recent comments outraged a lot of people this week.

In another tweet, Kanye wrote, "The statement was an example of free thought". Yet, West seems to be praising him and we still do not know the answer as to why. "He is my brother". I love everyone. I don't agree with everything anyone does. "The point was to make sure the opposite method of thinking was represented and we do that every day here". "And we have the right to independent thought". "She's a very loyal wife, and her tweets and everything she's been saying is definitely very calculated to help Kanye".

Nonetheless, West is reportedly working on a philosophy book, the Washington Post reported.