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Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Michael Sweet ruled Thursday in favor of prosecutors.

The same method lead Sacramento Police to arrest Joseph James DeAngelo, the suspected Golden State Killer, for his alleged involvement in a string of murders and sexual assaults in the 1970s and 80s. Prosecutors argued that DeAngelo wouldn't have to say anything to investigators as they collected evidence.

Hays says, "Somehow the fact that law enforcement used that without any legal search warrant door court ordered to do it makes people say well wait a minute wait a minute that's like violating our fourth amendment rights".

DeAngelo, a former police officer, Vietnam veteran and a mechanic, was a reclusive neighbor in Citrus Heights, a town about 16 miles northeast of the California capital, according to residents. The DNA was a close match for relatives, and authorities eventually were led to DeAngelo's home in the Sacramento suburb of Citrus Heights, not far from where numerous sexual assaults occurred. He has not yet entered a plea.

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The Golden State Killer's DNA, obtained from a crime scene, sat in evidence storage for decades but didn't match with anyone in the FBI's national DNA database. On Sunday, the US government will open nationwide enrollment for an ambitious experiment: If they can build a large enough database comparing the genetics, lifestyles and environments of people from all walks of life, researchers hope to learn why some escape illness and others don't, and better customize ways to prevent and treat disease.

Joseph DeAngelo, 72, was scheduled to appear in a Sacramento courtroom connected to the county jail where he's being held.

The Associated Press and other news organizations have filed a motion to unseal the full search and arrest warrants for DeAngelo, which could provide additional details about the DNA techniques prosecutors used to identify him.

Howard argued in a motion that the search warrant should be stopped because it was approved before DeAngelo was arrested and arraigned last week.