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Lava from the Kilauea eruption has gobbled up streets, cars and homes, with at least 36 structures destroyed so far.

Some residents have refused to follow evacuation orders because of fears their homes will be looted.

Steam-driven explosions typically provide very little warning.

USGS scientists in Hawaii have been monitoring the lava lake throughout the eruption and say the level of the lava lake has been dropping over the last several days and continues to drop late on Wednesday.

Kilauea, the USA state's most active volcano, erupted on Thursday, and lava flows from fissures on its eastern flank have destroyed at least 36 homes and other buildings and caused the evacuation of about 2,000 residents. The station mentions that authorities have not allowed Lanipuna Gardens residents to return to retrieve belongings, as they have in Leilani Estates, because of hazardous fumes in the area.

In addition to lava, the volcano in Hawaii is belching out a noxious mix of poisonous gases, including sulfur dioxide.

Red lava has been pouring out of 14 fissures, and over 100 acres of land have been covered since the eruption of Kilauea began on Thursday.

Kilauea is the youngest and southeastern-most volcano on the island, and one of the world's most active volcanoes.

Pebble-size rocks could be sent miles from Halemaumau, mostly in a downwind direction. The residents of the Lanipuna Gardens subdivision, which were also evacuated, are prohibited from accessing their homes due to risky volcanic gases.

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After facing lava and toxic gas from the Kilauea volcano eruption on Tuesday, Hawaii residents are being warned the worst is yet to come.

Officers found a number of people still at their residences but there were no sign of holdouts later, said Talmadge Magno, administrator for Hawaii County Civil Defense.

Two new cracks spewing lava and gas opened up Monday on the Big Island.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will close Friday due to the possibility of explosive steam at the summit of Kilauea volcano, according the National Park Service.

There's no indication when the eruption might stop, or how far the lava might spread.

Authorities urged Scott Wiggers to evacuate, but he refused. Shortly after our leaving it stopped, never reaching our home.

"I am packed. My truck is loaded. I walked out onto my deck and I heard this sound, it sounded like whoosh, whoosh", said Northway. "If you're near the crater within a half a mile or so, then you would be subject to a bombardment by ballistic blocks weighing as much as 10 or 12 tons", said Don Swanson, of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

She says the lava produces numerous gases as it tumbles through the landscape.

David Nail, who recently sold his business and moved to Lelani Estates from Orange County, California after his wife was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease, said a six metre wall of lava blocked him from getting close enough to see if his house had been destroyed.