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The molten rock started pouring into the sea over the weekend.

The lava flows themselves were usually slow enough to be avoided, he said.

As threatening as it may be to those on the ground, the Kilauea volcano and its fissures looked downright celestial as they glowed into the night sky earlier this week.

The volcano has transformed Hawaii's landscape. He was rushed to Hilo Medical Center, where he said physicians cleaned out his wound, removed tissue they could not save and, to his surprise, stabilised the leg he felt nearly certain he would lose.

He said: "I have done throughout my career I have done measurements of these volcanic gases, so I have been in these volcanic plumes". I can't believe they put it back together.

Hawaii volcano produces methane and

Clinton says he's not sure how long he'll remain in the hospital, but he does say he plans on returning to his home in Kapoho. That being said - experts are still closely monitoring Mauna Loa.

"It was incredible. It was just the event of a lifetime", Clinton said. Every aspect of the lava was there. "It was all happening at one time".

Lava flowing from Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island has claimed another structure, this one close to a geothermal plant.

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano has been a hotbed of explosive activitysince early May, gushing lava and toxic gases that have destroyed more than 25 homes and forced thousands of area residents to flee. Days later, after several small earthquakes, the magma pushed its way back to the surface on the east side of the island's Leilani Estates neighbourhood, creating the first of many fissures to come. It's been generating plumes of lava haze or "laze" as it interacts with seawater.

A spike in gas levels could prompt a mass evacuation, said Hawaii County Civil Defense Administrator Talmadge Magno. Lava flowing from the volcano recently reached the ocean, causing a risky lava-haze phenomena known as ' laze' that sends acid- and glass-laced steam shooting into the air, creating yet another hazard for those downwind of the lava's ocean entry point.

Korea talks will take place
Mr Trump later denied the United States would follow the "Libyan model" if an agreement was reached with North Korea . President Trump said the USA would know next week if a summit would take place.

Donald Trump says Kim Jong-un would be 'protected' in denuclearisation deal
Mr Trump said the Libya model would only come into play if a deal could not be reached with North Korea. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo visited Pyongyang last week to finalise the summit date and location.

Know about fastest-growing black hole
Black holes at the centre of galaxies, which can be quasars , often reach masses over ten billion times the mass of the Sun . We often think of a black hole as the darkest object in the universe, consuming even the light that comes near it.