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Police released hours of footage from two officers' body-worn cameras Wednesday in response to a lawsuit from The Associated Press and other news organizations.

Stephen Paddock shot and killed 58 people and injuring hundreds more.

The videos show officers walking into the casino that was still packed with people playing slot machines and drinking beer - unaware that gunfire had been raining down on an outdoor concert from 32 floors up. "There's a shooter up there. He's shot and killed multiple people already". As they approach his suite from a stairwell, another officer yells out, "Breach!" The area appears dark, with part of one room lit only by Paddock's laptop, as the fire alarm flashes and sounds. The gunman's body is seen on his back, clad in dark trousers and a long-sleeve shirt with a glove on his left hand.

Police step into the room, with one saying "there's a 413 on the ground". "Oh yeah", another replied.

Another says Paddock was "blasting out the window" while pointing to "a whole suitcase full of loaded AK mags", talking about the AK-47 rifle ammunition magazines.

In another video Paddock's blood-stained body is reportedly seen on the floor, along with a number of assault style rifles. It captures the officers' tension as they wait.

While still in the hallway, one officer spots the surveillance equipment that Paddock had installed outside his room, hidden on a service cart. "That's what these wires are".

Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have said they believe Paddock, a 64-year-old former accountant and high-stakes video poker player, acted alone.

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According to a four-minute clip posted on the Las Vegas Review-Journal's website, the footage showed the moments before officers breached the room.

That disclosure by police lawyers late Tuesday raises questions about whether officers followed department policy.

The department requires officers with body cameras to activate them during calls that lead to interaction with residents and searches. The footage was taken by two K-9 officers who entered the room shortly after Hancock, and after Paddock's body had been discovered.

"I don't know how this footage will be played in the media, but I want to warn you, if you are a survivor or a family who lost a loved one, you should know the video from this concert is disturbing and graphic", Lombardo said, adding that he believed the release of the footage and other materials "will further traumatize a wounded community".

"There are many reasons why we didn't or couldn't release hundreds of records and bodycam [footage] immediately after this incident", said Lombardo, a near-constant presence on TV in the days after the attack.

Officer body-camera video from the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history shows Las Vegas police walking into a casino that's still packed and telling people to get inside and lock the doors.

Despite the new videos being released, it is still unclear what the shooter's motive was for killing innocent people.