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Like any viral clip, this one also began when Cloe Feldman, a YouTuber, and social media influencer, added this audio clip to her Instagram story and then took to Twitter, asking, "What do you hear?!"

He played it for his peers, who disagreed over whether the syllables formed "Yanny" or "Laurel".

- The "Laurel versus Yanny" debate that's captivated the social-media-verse and everyone from celebrities to the White House, actually started with a homework assignment for Georgia teen 15-year-old Katie Hetzel of Flowery Branch High School.

"When there is more energy towards the mid and higher frequencies, people tend to hear "Yanny".

"Sarah, it's been reported that you hear laurel, how do you respond?" someone off camera asks Sanders.

And President Donald Trump ends the lighthearted video claiming "I hear covfefe".

European Union considers little-used statute to block U.S. sanctions over Iran
The Commission also proposes to allow the European Investment Bank (EIB) to facilitate investment by European companies in Iran. According to European sources, this measure may become the EU's first step towards ditching dollar in trade with Iran.

Stan Lee sues entertainment company
Lee was himself accused last month of sexual battery and battery after he was sued by massage therapist Maria Carballo. Lee is seeking to nullify the deal and receive 1 billion dollars in damages.

Lewis Hamilton: "I'm Really, Really Happy" With Dominant Victory
His pole position, taken after a close battle with teammate Valtteri Bottas and Vettel, was greeted with relief. Following a safety vehicle appearance, Hamilton got the whole shot on the restart and rabbited away.

'Definitely Laurel, ' Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah agrees. Sarah Huckerbee Sanders implies the answer is probably whatever CNN says it isn't.

Vice President Mike Pence, apparently blissfully unaware of the debate, only says, "Who's Yanny?"

A straw poll carried out among staff in AFP's Washington bureau counted 17 for Yanny, and 14 for Laurel.

"Odd. All I heard was 'Mueller, '" one person wrote.

The white house staff having a little bit of fun there.