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"Congratulations to Daniel. They've had the pace all weekend, we knew they would", Hamilton said.

The Red Bull driver was 0.229s clear of Sebastian Vettel in second place and faced no opposition from teammate Max Verstappen after damage to the Dutchman's auto following a crash in final practice that proved too extensive to fix in time for qualifying. Max Verstappen (NED/Red Bull) 25.317, 10.

"But now here at this team that is unlikely and I don't think that is going to happen. It was a super-unexciting race for everyone".

Daniel Ricciardo nursed his wounded Red Bull over the line to win the Monaco Grand Prix and claim his second victory of the Formula One campaign.

Lewis Hamilton has made two suggestions to Prince Albert about how the Monaco Grand Prix can be changed for the better.

"It's got the biggest build-up", said Hamilton.

"This race needs another format", said Hamilton.

Alonso described it as "one of the best races" of his life given the issues he had to deal with, and BBC Sport's chief F1 writer Andrew Benson was able to highlight just how much damage Alonso drove with when he was given exclusive access to the Spanish driver's vehicle a few days after the race.

Red Bull’s Ricciardo overcomes power loss to win Monaco GP

It was Ricciardo's second pole position and a repeat of his 2016 feat when he topped the times, but was unable to win the race due to a bungled late pit stop.

"You can see how well he fits in the team and I'm hopeful we'll be able to move things along in the next couple of months".

"Jeez, if you look at NASCAR they put in a bunch of Safety Cars in for no reason at all to bunch the pack up". There's like 100 yellow flags in the race to bring them all together. "It was the longest 78 laps of my life!" After scoring points with at least one vehicle in every race of 2018, this was the first race of the season where neither Mclaren drivers scored. Now I accept there's often no point in losing time to your real race rivals by fighting against an inevitable pass, but that was just too blatant. "We're doing 1m11s around here".

"The tyres were not great, but we were all driving so slow", the Mercedes driver and championship leader told reporters.

Starting from pole position, Ricciardo won the race to the first corner and led the entire race despite battling a lack of power for the majority of the contest but held on to win in Red Bull's 250th race start.

The amount of dirty, turbulent air kicked up by modern Formula 1 cars makes it incredibly hard to run close to the vehicle in front. The other was also in Monaco, two years ago. Is Monaco fit for goal anymore?

"Ultimately we were turned down and just cruising around to make sure we got to the end", said Hamilton. "We had to back off massively".

"It's just insane how little I was pushing, the least that I can ever remember".

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