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The Israeli military is preparing for the possibility that many Palestinians will try to breach the Gaza border fence and enter Israel at once, report said. The Hamas-encouraged demonstrations are ostensibly aimed to protest the decade-long Israeli-Egyptian blockade, imposed after the terror group seized power in Gaza in 2007, and to assert Palestinian demands for millions to "return" to lost properties in what is now Israel.

The protests also took place at the contact points in different cities, including the northern entrance of Bethlehem and Ramallah.

Just in time for Monday's official move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, there's a Trump "Temple Coin".

Several thousand people are rallying in Jordan to mark the 70th anniversary of what Palestinians call their "nakba", or catastrophe, when hundreds of thousands were uprooted from their homes in the Mideast war over Israel's creation.

In Israel the decision was warmly welcomed but it caused dismay amongst Palestinians and in many world capitals. The demonstrations have been organized by Gaza's Hamas rulers, but are fueled by despair among the territory's 2 million people.

Thousands of Indonesian Muslims have staged a rally protesting President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Palestinian protesters burn tires around 100 metres away from the border creating a massive smog to blind the Israeli armed forces targeting young men, women, children and journalists indiscriminately, in Gaza strip, on May 11, 2018.

Nigeria on red alert over fresh Ebola outbreak
Sickness is occurring in the Bikoro health zone, 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) from Mbandaka, the capital of Equator province. The top doc warned however this was not a "magic bullet" and said they are preparing for the "worse case scenario" .

Google tech can make phone calls for users
You may also change the background to black and white. "The objective is how do we determine sites which are more authoritative". Which one do you like the look of? Likely be launched later in the year, here are a few features provided for the OS.

Hawaii Kilauea volcano: Larger explosions possible
In addition to lava, the volcano in Hawaii is belching out a noxious mix of poisonous gases , including sulfur dioxide. Lava from the Kilauea eruption has gobbled up streets, cars and homes , with at least 36 structures destroyed so far.

Israel says, however, that the terror group uses the protests as a cover for attacks at the border and attempts to breach it.

Israeli news site Ynet said three Israelis were detained after they attempted to fly burning kites into Gaza but instead caused fires on Israeli agricultural lands.

Gaza's Hamas leader, Yehiyeh Sinwawr, has said he expects tens of thousands to participate on Monday.

The Latest on Palestinian protests in Gaza that turned deadly when Israeli troops fired into the crowd.

"Israel along with many other countries are working to bring food, equipment, and fuel to the residents of the Gaza Strip, and Hamas is preventing them from entering, and are carrying out activities that endanger the operations of the border crossings", the IDF said.

The military said protesters were "violent, burning tyres and hurling rocks" and that it "will not allow any harm to the security infrastructure or security fence and will continue standing by its mission to defend and ensure the security of the citizens of Israel and Israeli sovereignty, as necessary". Even as hospitals have been overwhelmed by casualties, Israel has denied permission for grievously wounded Palestinians to seek treatment outside Gaza, a callous form of collective punishment that has resulted in deaths and amputations among those hit by fire from the IDF.