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Two Democrats and two Republicans are also unopposed in seeking their party's nomination for two positions on the Somerset County Board of Freeholders in the November election.

In practice, jungle primaries can shut out one of the two parties altogether. Where did it come from? A jungle primary, or a nonpartisan blanket primary as it's more formally known, puts all candidates together in one big primary regardless of what party they belong to.

Political observers think that two Golden State house seats - the ones held by retiring GOP Reps. As of today, President Trump's job approval sits at 44 percent in the RCP poll average - almost eight points higher than Bush's - while the Democrats' lead on the generic ballot is in the mid-single digits. That traditionally results in a runoff election between a Democrat and a Republican in the general elections in November.

Does the "jungle primary" apply to all political races?

There's money inside the plan for school safety improvements and school construction and new forgivable loan programs to recruit and retain state troopers and criminal justice employees. Rules for municipal elections will vary from county to county.

They're trying to game the jungle primary system. Our state employees are saying this is a great budget. These budget stalemates motivated then-Gov.

With that goal in mind, they proposed a new open primary process that might open the door for independents and moderates.

But early this year Poizner, who lost a 2010 Republican primary for governor to former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, changed his registration to no party preference as he attempts a return to his old insurance commissioner post.

In the battle for control of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Democrats assert that a few pick-ups in California are essential to regain a majority. But Republicans shouldn't kid themselves: Trump's behavior is having a negative and potentially lasting impact on politics today that extends beyond the coastal elites and commentariat class.

U.S. reaches deal with China's ZTE, says Wilbur Ross
The two countries have threatened to impose tariffs on up to $200 billion worth of each other's products. Total US penalties imposed on ZTE now amount to $2.3 billion, according to the Commerce Department.

Amazon to show 20 Premier League matches a season from 2019
It has now been confirmed that the USA company has bought one of those packages, with BT taking the other. The agreement gives Amazon a package of 20 matches per season from the league.

Morale of Syrians Raised after Retaliatory Attack on Israel: Shamkhani
Netanyahu's comments followed reports in the past few days that Iran-backed forces were preparing to withdraw from southern Syria. Al-Moallem says Israel is making false claims to try and pressure Iran, its archrival.

With that, there's a number of other constitutional offices that are also up for election from Lieutenant Governor to Attorney General to Secretary of State on down, as well as half of the seats in the 40-member state Senate and all of the seats in the 80-member Assembly, and all 53 California Congressional seats. Another 19 same-party contests unfolded a the state legislative level.

Harris and Robert J. Mascia are listed on the ballot as the two candidates seeking to represent the local Democratic party in November election.

Because what we've learned since 2016 is that the worst Democrat on the ballot for the House or Senate is preferable to the best Republican, because the best Republicans have consistently refused to take a moral stand against Trump's undermining of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the State Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Civil Service, the basic norms of our public life and the integrity of our elections. For example, there are 16 candidates in the 48th District alone - eight Democrats and six Republicans - and 16 in the 49th District - eight Republicans and four Democrats, per Ballotpedia.

"This process is not the best we can be".

It depends on who you ask.

"It denies them some political grandstanding", Woodhouse said.

Bryan Caforio is the most progressive of the Democrats running here and he says Knight's rogue move signing the immigration petition won't be enough to set him apart. Andrew Gumbel, a Los Angeles-based journalist recently made this argument in an opinion column for the Los Angeles Times.

Competing in the Republican primary are state Assemblyman Jay Webber of Morris Plains, John DeNeufville of Mendham Township, Patrick Allocco of Denville, Antony Ghee of Totowa and Martin Hewitt of Morristown.

No. Nebraska and Washington also have two-top primaries, though other states - Alaska, North Carolina, Virginia, just to name a few - have or are now considering coming up with their own non-party primary elections.