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"We need a referee on the field who can throw a flag", former FCC Chairman and Obama appointee Tom Wheeler said at MIT during a panel discussion in support of rules like those he championed.

Washington's new net neutrality law is the first of its kind to both pass and take effect.

The concern among net neutrality advocates is that the repeal could give internet providers too much control over how online content is delivered. "So now it's up to us to keep raising a ruckus until internet openness is the law of the land".

Organizations that fought to preserve net neutrality say the battle isn't over. They do not want their potential rivals among the ISPs to gain an advantage by promoting their own content distribution services.

Over the past year, Google and the social media monopolies Facebook and Twitter have moved to implement a regime of internet censorship at the behest of the United States intelligence agencies, for which the Democrats have served as the mouthpieces.

A number of states have tried to get around the FCC's repeal by either developing legislation laying out their own net neutrality rules, or by issuing gubernatorial executive orders that limit which Internet providers can do business with the state. But in December, the FCC switched broadband back to a Title I classification, giving the FTC some of the regulatory authority the FCC previously had over ISPs and negating the legal authority the FCC had to ban practices like blocking, throttling and paid prioritization.

For anyone who hasn't been following, net neutrality is the concept of treating all internet traffic the same, no matter where it originates from.

He wrote that the biggest US internet companies - Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft - controlled much of the online infrastructure, from app stores to operating systems to cloud storage to almost all of the online ad business.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai had argued repealing the rules would make broadband providers "offer".

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The new order permits ISPs to throttle, block, or be paid to prioritize certain sites or content, as long as they disclose that they are doing so.

An edge provider, for those wondering, is an individual or entity that provides content, applications or services over the internet, or devices for accessing any of those things over the internet, available to end-users, i.e., the consumers.

Experts warn a non-neutral net creates an unfair playing field between the mammoth internet companies that can afford to "pay to play" versus start-ups and smaller businesses.

Net neutrality repeal - is it the end of the world?

He claims internet service goes across state lines and any changes must be made at the federal level.

For example, providers like Comcast, who were once blocked from slowing the streaming speed of competitors like Netflix, now have the ability to do so if they choose.

Those might sound the same, but in practice they're very, very different.

More than 20 states have sued the FCC to stop the repeal.

Broadband providers "remain committed to the principles under which internet innovation has thrived", Mr. Spalter said. In Montana and NY, governors signed executive orders that uphold the Obama-era net neutrality regulations.