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If you recall the end of Infinity War, Thanos found all of the stones for the Infinity Gauntlet. The Joe Russo Reddit account added a selfie-video from Thanos actor Josh Brolin's Instagram to the thread making the upcoming cull official.

Topless, from the comfort of a bed, and with pristine looking hair, Brolin recorded a short message for the subreddit in which he stares directly into the camera and then executes his notorious finger snap-the same gut-wrenching finger snap that tore the Marvel Cinematic Universe asunder a few months ago. Fans were loving the addition by the director and Brolin, and filled the comments with applause and jokes from the movie.

Members of popular subreddit "r/ThanosDidNothingWrong" are now bracing for a digital purge the likes of which we've never seen before, with moderators expected to ban half the community - a figure which amounts to around 300,000 people at the time of writing - sometime later today.

"The sub-wide balance will take place on July 9th PACIFIC STANDARD TIME (The exact time of the ban is a secret)".

Apple Might Be Releasing the New iPhone in Blue, Red, & Orange
The 6.1-inch LCD phone, however, could come in an array of colors, including gray, white, blue, orange, and red. Apple has also sold cases in the past to give you more color options.

Uruguay remain tight lipped on the availability of Edi Cavani
Yet Eriksson does not consider that a major issue given he thinks the team's strength to be how it functions as a unit. Les Bleus' win means they will take part in the World Cup semi-finals for the first time since 2006.

Brazil’s Neymar should drop the injury act
According to RTS's numbers, Neymar spent a whopping 5 minutes and 30 seconds writhing around on the ground against Mexico alone. While his scoring is so often the focus, Neymar also creates goals for his teammates.

It's claimed "half the subreddit will be banned, to achieve true balance" (though I'm actually not sure if it's legit, lol, or that the Russo's simply took notice and are having fun with Brolin). As we reported earlier in the week, fans of the Mad Titan over at r/thanosdidnothingwrong were preparing to see half of their numbers banned, removed, and wiped out from their community. They might have corndogs soon enough, so it's not that bad.

At the time of the mass banning's start, the subreddit had over 714,000 users who had willingly subscribed to meet their doom (or not).

Avengers: Infinity War home video version is expected to release on Amazon Prime Video India, on 21 August.