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The streaks, which reach their peak every August, were created by the debris left by the comet's previous passes, the last of which was in 1992.

Stargazers who want to see the show without risking mosquito bites can also watch the meteor shower on a live stream here.

The shower has its origin in a comet called Swift-Tuttle. Tiny particles burn up in earth's atmosphere, resulting in and formed the "star rain". The meteoroid vaporises and turns into a meteor. Meteors are made of dust and ice. Most vaporise as they descend, but some explode.

The next meteor shower that has the name Dracona, can be seen from 8 to 10 October.

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Chinese astronomers are credited with the being the first to record an observation of the meteor shower back in 36 A.D. They are the Perseids, occurring this month and the Geminids that take place in December.

A general view of Stonehenge during the annual Perseid meteor shower in the night sky in Salisbury Plain, southern England August 13, 2013. In addition, star rain coincides with the entry of the moon into a new phase, but it will not make Starfall less spectacular. And if you happen to miss the peak timeframe, don't lose heart.

"During the peak nights of August 11-12 and August 12-13, more than 100 meteors (shooting stars) can be seen per hour", Ottawa astronomer Gary Boyle told this newspaper last week.

This is a week to look up to the stars, literally.