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According to Nasa, it is risky to see solar eclipses through naked eyes.

It may be noted that the next solar eclipse will occur in 2025.

A pinhole projection can also be one way to witness the solar eclipse without the danger of damaging your eyes.

Doctors warn of a solar Eclipse might have a negative impact on health of even healthy people. The solar eclipse in London starts at 9 o'clock in the morning.

During the solar eclipse, the moon reaches the stage of conjugation, called the "giant helix", which is 358,491 kilometers from east to west, ending its cycle around Earth and starting its new cycle.

In 2018, the first eclipse was the super blue blood moon on January 31 followed by a partial solar eclipse on the February 15. The eclipse, which will be visible from regions of the Northern hemisphere, will last three hours.

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In addition to potentially being the most viewed eclipse, the August 11 eclipse will also be the last eclipse - lunar or solar - of 2018.

"Solar eclipses happen when the moon comes between earth and sun in such a way that shadow of the moon falls on earth".

The last partial solar eclipse of the year is all set to take place on August 11. It will be seen in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Scandinavia, Estonia, Latvia, Greenland, the North-Eastern part of Russia, Northern Canada (Canadian Arctic archipelago) and the northeast of China. Following the blood moon on July 27, a partial solar eclipse will be witnessed today.

In Inuit folklore, the Sun goddess Malina walks away after a fight with the Moon god Anningan. The moon's shadow travels across the face of the earth from point to point.

Where can you see the solar eclipse?

The eclipse ended at 8 p.m. local time, about half an hour before sunset.

Viewers of solar eclipses are advised to never look directly at the Sun, and either wear specialised glasses or viewing boxes. Others will only see 5% of it disappear as if the Moon took a small bite from the Sun.