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The FBI has completed its interview of Mark Judge, a key witness to the alleged incident between Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and professor Christine Blasey Ford, but the agency hasn't contacted Ford, their representatives said Tuesday.

In a statement on Monday, Mark Judge's lawyer, Barbara Van Gelder, said: "Mr. Judge has been interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation but his interview has not been completed".

"There does need to be some sort of public statement - if not the reports themselves - because since the accusation had been made public it seems to me people are not going to be satisfied until (there's) some public statement about what the FBI supplemental background investigation shows", Cornyn said Tuesday before McConnell made his remarks.

US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accused Democrats today of opening "the flood gates of mud and muck" against Brett Kavanaugh as Republicans sought to portray efforts to derail the Supreme Court nominee over accusations of sexual assault in the 1980s as "the politics of personal destruction".

In the New Haven, Connecticut, police department report, a man named Dom Cozzolino said Kavanaugh had thrown ice on him and Kavanaugh's friend Chris Dudley had thrown a glass that hit him in the ear.

President Donald Trump says he wants to "see what happens" with the FBI investigation into his embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh strongly denies the accusation, but President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans have instructed the FBI to investigate it and any other "credible allegations" against him.

But the undecided senators - Flake, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of ME, all Republicans; and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, both Democrats - are keeping an open mind.

Hundreds of United States law professors are urging the Senate to reject Brett Kavanaugh's supreme court nomination because of his conduct at last week's hearing on sexual misconduct allegations. Kavanaugh denies the allegations.

Trump defends Kavanaugh, says he is keeping an open mind to developments
The true test for Flake would come once the full Senate votes on the Kavanaugh nomination in the coming days, Walsh said. It's not now clear whether the Republican leadership has secured enough votes to ensure Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation.

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Nugroho said "tens to hundreds" of people were taking part in a beach festival in Palu when the tsunami struck at dusk on Friday. They did not appear to be concerned about their safety, despite ongoing aftershocks and the structure's questionable stability.

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Kavanaugh struck an angry and defiant tone at the hearing.

"I just hope that we find fact", Flake said. The Senate will vote on Judge Kavanaugh here, on this floor, this week. The signatories say that despite having "differing views about the other qualifications of Judge Kavanaugh", they are now agreed that he "did not display the impartiality and judicial temperament requisite to sit on the highest court of our land".

His comments come as Democrats are pressing for a more expansive FBI investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh.

Reacting to Trump's claim that senators need to provide him guidance on who should be interviewed as part of the investigation, Avenatti said that "Trump is talking out of both sides of his mouth".

It's not now clear whether the Republican leadership has secured enough votes to ensure Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation.

President Trump, as well as his family, have raised fears about the possibility of politically motivated false accusations.

This raises the possibility of conservatives rallying around the Kavanaugh confirmation fight and cutting into the enthusiasm advantage among Democratic women, many of whom who were politically activated when Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The Harvard Crimson reports that student Jacqueline L. Kellogg, a senior, came up with the idea a few days ago and recruited others to join her in filing complaints against Kavanaugh. "But it's not credible for him to say that he has had no memory lapses in the nights that he drank to excess".

Swetnick alleged in an affidavit that Kavanaugh was present at a party in which she was gang raped Louisiana, which Kavanaugh has denied. Sen.

Mr. Kavanaugh cursed, he said, and then "threw his beer at the guy."