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Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who is on a trip to India touting new infrastructure to ship more oil and gas overseas, said he will leave the findings of the IPCC report to the scientists.

The report shows that there is only low confidence regarding changes in global tropical cyclone numbers under global warming over the last four decades and cited "a decreasing trend in the global number of tropical cyclones and/or the globally accumulated cyclonic energy". The IPCC paper says that a rise of two degrees would wipe out the Great Barrier Reef and destroy some of Australia's Pacific Island neighbors.

The IPCC report reveals the widespread effects of global warming of 1.5°C and above, which includes increased coastal flooding and the salinization of river beds, besides increased heatwaves. But the IPCC and other global organizations expect we'll need to resort to geoengineering to some degree.

"We urge investors to view the United Nations report as a call to put their capital to work in ways that benefit both their finances and the environment", Jon Gordon, Vincent Heaney, Sagar Khandelwal, and Christopher Swann wrote in a note this week. For Namibia, dry days increase by 12 at global warming of 1.5°C, and by 17 at 2.0°C. The report also examines pathways available to limit warming to 1.5ºC, what it would take to achieve them and what the consequences could be.

Wendel Trio, director of CAN Europe, one of the signatories, said: "The sooner and the more we invest in the clean energy transition, the better for citizens and our economies".

" Others face a clear choice: either they support targets which are in line with the 1.5 degrees Paris Agreement goal, or they condemn us to truly devastating climate impact", Mr Trio said. "We're starting to see a wider acceptance that more needs to be done to fight climate change, and CCS is part of this "more".

But as Jamie Henn, co-founder and the program director for the global climate group 350.org, stated in a tweet on Tuesday, the "scariest thing about the IPCC Report" is the fact that "it's the watered down, consensus version".

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What's the difference? With a 1-degree rise, about 14 percent of the world's population would be vulnerable to severe and deadly heat waves every five years; with a 2-degree rise, that figure jumps to 37 percent.

The influential report reveals that only by keeping the temperature rise under 1.5C above pre-industrial levels will "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society" be prevented.

The IPCC is the United Nations scientific body that assesses the state of climate science. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said, adding that his responsibility was to "balance those interests raised in that report with (his state's) broader economic and security interests".

Since 2016, representatives of 195 nations - including all the big emitters - signed on to the landmark Paris agreement calling for systematic emissions reductions beginning in 2020.

The letter said that since the European Union budget funds programmes for energy, transport, agriculture, buildings, waste and worldwide cooperation, it has "great potential" to support action on climate change.

McCormack said the government won't change policy just because somebody might suggest that some sort of report is the way we need to follow and everything that we should do. A few years ago, Botswana's capital city Gaborone was on the brink of running out of water as the country battled its worst drought in 30 years.